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  China Securities Industry Standardization Technical Committee (CSISC, SAC/TC180/SC4) was founded in December 2003, which was authorized by the Standardization Administration of the P.R.C. (SAC). In the Securities and Futures industry, CSISC is dedicated to the work of the national technology standardization, which is responsible for technical management of the Securities and Futures Industry Standardization and for the domestic work related to ISO/TC68/SC4.

Organizational Structure of CSISC


  On June 1, 2015, CSISC completed the transition. The third generation of committee has 55 members from regulators, stock exchanges, securities and futures institutions, banks, insurances and standardization research institution.

  The CSISC Secretariat is responsible for daily operations, including organizing standards formulation and revision, etc. The current generation of secretariat is under control of China Securities Information Technology Service Limited Company (CSITS), which has 1 general secretary and 5 secretaries.

  In August 2010, Numbering and Standards Service Center of Securities and Futures Industry (NSSC) was founded, which was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) Party committee and under control of China Securities Information Technology Service Limited Company (CSITS).

The main functions of NSSC are:

  lAssigning and managing industry codes;  

  lConstructing and managing the technical support system of standard;

  lPrinting, publicizing and training of securities and futures industry standards;

  lUndertaking research of industry standardization works.

  In this term, CSISC develops the Chief Expert System and organizes 11 professional work groups in specializing fields to improve the professional level of the standard proposal and assessment which can make full use of expert’s professional advantages. All these 11 groups are responsible for standard research, standard assessment, and standard certification in their own professional field.

  By the end of 2014, CSISC had released 26 national and industrial standards in the securities and futures field under the leadership of the CSRC. The publication of these standards has reduced the operational risk of the industry information system, and improved the efficiency of the industry operation, and promoted the level of industry standardization.