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The Securities and Futures Industry Standard Planning

1. Background 

  China's securities market is an emerging transition market with high technical skill and high degree of information technology. As the foundation of market developing and information technology, standards plays an important roles in the securities and futures industry. China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has attached great importance on the securities and futures industry standardization work. Commission leader repeatedly addressed the need to fully understand the importance of standardization work in the securities and futures industry. Improving the level of industry standardization work can effectively reduce the operational risk of industry information system, raise the industry working efficiency, reduce the industry cost, and enhance the quality of industry service. Whats more, high level standardization work can effectively promote the sustainable and healthy development of the securities and futures industry.

  In order to  plan and guide the industry standardization work more efficiently, in September 2014, CSISC set up 11 professional work groups which include Basic Coding Group, Data Model Group, Interface between Institutions Group, Internal Interface of Institutions Group, Information Disclosure Group, Technology Management Group, System Security Group, Data Security Group and Securities Business Group, Futures Business Group, Funds Business Group to launch the construction work of "Securities and Futures Industry Standard Planning" (hereinafter referred to as "Planning") which provide guidance and suggestions for development of the future standardization work.

2. Content

  Planningis formulated by the 11 professional work groups with respectively developed areas which mainly expounds the planning objectives, scope, principle, method, and compatible methods for dealing with planning standards and the current standards. “Planningis as the important basis for the standardization development direction and the standard making plan.

3. Meaning and Function

  Securities and Futures Industry Standard Planning has provided a basis for making mid-term, long-term programs and annual plans of the securities and futures industry. Specific performance in:

1)Planning” depicts the blueprint for the standards development of the securities and futures industry, and provides the basis for a clear focus on the future direction and development of the standardization work. At the same time, the standard system will provide the basis for a scientific classification of the standard content and the scope of each standard;

2)“Planning would provide the strong technical support for the innovation and development of the securities and futures industry, thereby, which can conducive to form institutional environment for the development of the market;

3)“Planning would lay the foundation for continuous improvement and development of the industry standardization work itself;

4)Planning” provides an efficient way for the standards writers and users to understand, query and select the required standard, and master standard development status and trends better.

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