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Futures market account data interface

Standard No.: JR/T 0160—2018
Standard Chinese name: 期货市场客户开户数据接口
Standard English name: Futures market account data interface
Issue Date: 2018-09-27
Implementation Date: 2018-09-27
Drafting Unit: IT Center, China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Futures Market Monitoring Center Corporation Limited, Shanghai Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd..
Draftman: Zhang Ye, Liu Tiebin, Zhou Yunhui, Liu Yeqing, Li Xiangdong, Feng Qiang, Xie Chen, Liu Shiyuan, Yu Wei, Lin Lin, Liu Tao, Shi Jingjing, Qi Xiangming, Yuan Yanming.
Standard Scope: This standard specifies the interface definition of futures market customer data exchange between participants, including data dictionary and message structure.

This standard applies to the system interface, interface, database design and software development of futures market customer data exchange.

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