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OTC trading system interface for securities and futures market—Part 1 Quotations

Standard No.: JR/T 0155.1—2018
Standard Chinese name: 证券期货业场外市场交易系统接口 第1部分: 行情接口
Standard English name: OTC trading system interface for securities and futures market—Part 1: Quotations
Issue Date: 2018-01-18
Implementation Date: 2018-01-18
Drafting Unit: IT Center, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Dept. of Fund and Intermediary Supervision, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Securities Association of China, China Securities Internet System Co., Ltd., Fujian Apex Software Co.,Ltd..
Draftman: Zhang Ye, Liu Tiebin, Zhou Yunhui, Liu Yeqing, Gao Hongjie, Yang Shengping, Xu Yazhao, Cao Lei, Liu Yunqing, Li Rui, Luo Liming, Liu Hui, Liu Jianbao, Sun Deng.
Standard Scope: This part specifics the terms and definitions ,session transmission, message format, message structure, real-time reporting service, market pushing service, auxiliary processing, data dictionary and other contents of the quotations interface of the OTC trading system for securities and futures market.

This part applies to the exchange of quotations data between OTC trading system and OTC trading system of securities companies.

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